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By drawing upon my clinical experiences, research and expertise as a counselor educator, I have developed several presentations and workshops which I have provided to counseling, psychology and social work agencies throughout the country. These workshops are on many varied topics related to my expertise in counseling and psychology. These workshops include:

  • Cultural Competence
    • Navigating Cultural Clashes: In an effort to increase multicultural competence, this workshop is designed to help counselors understand how culture and values play a role in clashes with clients. Within this workshop, Dr. Ginicola will present material on understanding diversity, obstacles participants will face when engaging with clients with different value systems, culture and cultural competence, as well as how to handle cultural clashes and remain ethically responsible. Participants will engage in small and whole group activities in order to apply the material. This seminar will enable you to 1) describe how diversity impacts the counseling relationship, 2) articulate the obstacles to cultural competence, 3) define culture and multicultural competence, 4) identify when a cultural clash is occurring, how to build an understanding and empathy of the source of the clash and how to resolve clashes on the part of the counselor, and 5) articulate ethical responsibilities of counselors in relation to value conflicts and multicultural competence.
    • Developing Multicultural Competence: Dr. Ginicola can tailor additional presentations to assist with competence in working with a specific demographic(s) that may be pertinent to your practice. These include: developmental differences based upon age, developmental and acquired disabilities, religion and spirituality, ethnic cultural differences, social class/ socio-economic status, sexual/affectional orientation, indigenous heritage, national origin, gender and gender orientation.
  • LGBTQI+ Issues
    • Cultural Competence: This workshop will cover the basics of LGBTQI+ Counseling Competence by reviewing ALGBTIC Competencies through the lens of standard multicultural competence. An introductory level of LGBTQ issues in counseling, the identity models, LGBTQ cultural elements, role of oppression and discrimination, knowledge of current and past treatment, advocacy issues and best counseling practices will be discussed. This interactive workshop will help counselors and counselors in training to build a foundation for LGBTQI+ cultural competence. Participants will be able to: 1) identify all populations surrounding the LGBTQQIAA-2S acronym, 2) develop an awareness of issues that this population face that are culturally and historically unique, 2) exhibit knowledge regarding each population within this community, and 3) learn skills needed to be successful with these clients.
  • Working with Transgender Students and Clients
    • This workshop will cover basic multicultural competence for working as a counselor with transgender youth within a clinical mental health or school context. In an interactive format, participants will learn terminology important for working with transgender persons, as well as the research behind development of gender and transgender identity. The primary issues faced by transgender youth and their families will be reviewed to provide a knowledge base for counselors. Additionally, best practices and resources for working with this population will be covered.​​​​​​​
  • Providing Counseling Services for Women Surrounding Issues of Becoming a Mother
    • Cultural Competence: Although females are a majority population served in counseling, most counselors are unfamiliar with the therapeutic issues surrounding fertility, miscarriage/infant loss, pregnancy and transitioning to motherhood. In Connecticut, there are no counseling practices specializing in these issues, leaving many women underserved and struggling with postpartum issues alone. This workshop will focus on the cultural awareness, knowledge and skills needed to work with this population, based upon the presenters' clinical and research experience. Special attention will be paid to cultural pressures and intersecting identities. Participants can use this workshop in preparation for specialization and/or developing a greater therapeutic expertise with this population. Participants will: 1) develop an awareness regarding the cultural pressures facing women and how it interacts with intersecting identities,
including ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender roles, 2) gain knowledge of women's issues surrounding motherhood, including fertility issues, pregnancy and postpartum
adjustment, postpartum depression and anxiety and transitioning to a new mother identity, and 
3) learn skills needed to work with clients surrounding fertility issues, pregnancy, postpartum depression and anxiety, as
well as partnership stress and identity crisis.
  • Creativity in Counseling
    • Dogs as Co-Therapists: This workshop will cover the history, theory and research of dogs as co-healers. The utility of therapy animals in a clinical mental health and school counseling environment will be delineated. Resources and strategies for incorporation into a traditional counseling model will be discussed. This interactive workshop (there will be a certified animal assisted therapy dog present!) will help counselors and counselors in training to build a foundation for incorporating dogs as co-counselors into their practice. Participants will: 1) understand the theory behind animal-assisted therapy, 2) be able to describe the utility of animal-assisted therapy, 3) know concrete ways to use a therapy registered dog in your practice.
    • Phototherapy
    • Using Yoga and Meditation in Counseling

Workshops are typically $150 per hour. If an agency has a limited budget, I do use a sliding fee scale. 


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