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Counseling LGBTQI+ People

Dr. Ginicola specializes in working with LGBTQI+ children, youth, and adults. She also works with families of LGBTQI+ youth, assisting them in finding through their own journey of understanding and affirming their children. Beyond her professional experience and research in this area, Dr. Ginicola has personal experience within queer communities. Dr. Ginicola identifies as two-spirited and bisexual, has a brother who identifies as gay, and has a child who is transgender. 

Dr. Misty M. Ginicola's new book, Affirmative Counseling with LGBTQI+ People was released in March 2017. It is available for purchase at American Counseling Association and Amazon.

Read the latest blog posts on Counseling LGBTQI+ People Blog at http://counselinglgbtqi.blogspot.com/

Dr. Ginicola also does workshops and trainings for counselors and helping professionals on working with LGBTQI+ people.


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